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Beauty Tips and Secrets for Hot Weather

Beauty Tips | 20 Jun 2018



Whether you live in a country with hot weather or you escape the cold by going on a tropical vacation, sunshiny days is a great opportunity for getting out and enjoying the sun, but the warm weather is not always so great for your makeup and hair. This year, enjoy a summer or a holiday in tropical countries without the worry of having a makeup melt-down and look fresh and beautiful all day long with these ten great beauty secrets for the hot weather:


1. Make time for primer

Using a primer is must for the hot weather days. Moisturise first and make sure the moisturiser is worked well into the skin. Then apply a primer, which will give you a smooth base for the rest of your makeup and it will help your makeup stay in place, however hot it gets.

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2. Get waterproofed

If you have tried waterproof mascaras before and didn’t get on with them, give them another go, because they have got a lot better. They aren’t brittle and flaky like they used to be and they are great for stopping your mascara from running on hot and humid days.

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3. Carry blotting papers

Nothing says that you are feeling the heat more than a slick T-zone. So, here is another great beauty secret for hot weather: carry a pack of blotters with you, and with just one quick press, you’ll eliminate shine in seconds.


4. Ice before you apply

There are many makeup experts who swear by the ice cube trick for hot weather makeup. Before you apply any makeup, gently rub your face with an ice cube and then pat your skin dry. The cold of the ice cube tightens the skin and closes up the pores and your makeup will go on smoother and last for longer.



5. Cut down on the oil

In the hot weather your skin will produce more moisture and more natural oils. Stay away from makeup products that are oil based, because they will make your skin look even greasier in hot weather and your makeup won’t last that long.


6. Lighten up

In just the same way as you get out your light and airy clothes for hot weather, so you should lighten up on the makeup too. Avoid using full coverage foundations and heavy formulas and go for light, tinted moisturisers instead. In fact, when you travel to countries with hot weather, think light for all of your makeup and leave the thick and heavy makeup for cold winter months.


7. Apply antiperspirant at night

Here is another great beauty secret for hot weather: apply your antiperspirant, before you go to bed and that will give it a much better chance of getting into the pores of your skin before you start sweating. It will then work much better and last a lot longer.


8. Apply lipstick twice

The hot sun can play havoc with your lipstick, but this simple trick will help: you can help seal your lipstick in place by applying a first coat and blotting it with some clean tissue paper, before applying a second coat to finish off.



9. Avoid liquid makeup

Liquid eyeliners and cream based products are prone to running in the hot weather, so when the temperature rises and the humidity increases, choose powder based products instead. They are less likely to run and they will help to soak up some of the perspiration.


10. Keep makeup in the fridge

When it gets really hot, popping your makeup in the fridge will make it last longer and go on smoother. Heat can activate the solvents in cosmetics, especially nail polish, and that can change its consistency and cause bubbles to appear.



What are your favorite beauty tips and secrets for hot weather?

Stay beautiful!



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