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La Colline Launching

Latest Events | 30 Jul 2018



Kuala Lumpur, 5 April 2018 - La Colline launched the world’s 1st global anti-aging eco-regenerating skincare series with Sasa Malaysia here at Tanzini, G-Tower amongst media partners, social media influencers & celebrities. With several years of research, in keeping with the brand’s characteristic high standards in anti-aging skincare, La Colline introduced their newest innovation at the heart of their new anti-aging formula the NativAge skincare series.



Based on the most recent breakthroughs in the fight against cutaneous aging, NativAge is the first comprehensive anti-aging skincare to offer the ultra-effective action of Eco-Regeneration. An extraordinary active ingredient, Cell Life Extender, recycles free radicals into energy that the cells can use. Once it is initiated, the process continues indefinitely.


Its action is supplemented by the three properties of the new CMAGE® Complex: oxygenation, hydration and protection. The cells' optimal metabolism is restored. The results are fast, visible and spectacular. Energized and ideally oxygenated, the skin recovers its firmness and radiance.



Hydration and protection are boosted, allowing the skin to regenerate itself. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. Brimming with new energy, the skin takes on a healthy glow. The complexion is resplendent.

With its Eco- regenerating power in the formula, the cell life extender is a truly exceptional active ingredient that has the capacity to neutralize free radicals. This Cell life extender is able to transform harmful pro-oxidant molecules to water and oxygen, in which is the basic substances of life that preserve the cells’ youthful vitality.

After the demonstration, celebrity guests- Sazzy Falak and Sarah Lian have shared how NativAge skin care help in their busy life and how it helps them maintain a youthful skin & complexion.



Visit your nearest Sa Sa Store now to learn more about La Colline.




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