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Tips to Look Fresh During Chinese New Year

Beauty Tips | 22 Jan 2019



You are visiting the third house of the day. Your hair is limp, your clothes are crumpled and your face feels as oily as a slice of bak kwa. Looking fresh in hot and humid Singapore can be challenging – especially when one has many places to visit during Chinese New Year. The Sunday Times asks experts for tips on how to welcome–and survive– Chinese New Year in style.


For starters, it helps to wear clothing made of light, breathable material such as cotton, says stylist Neo Lirong. “It’ll prevent you from perspiring and you should definitely stay away from clothes made of wool,” she says. Stylist Randolph Tan says women who plan on visiting multiple houses a day should remember that comfort comes first. He says: “For more support, drop the stilettos and opt for wedges or flats instead. “A classic pair of sneakers won’t go wrong either and will give a sport luxe twist to your ouftit.”


Make-up artist Fionna Lau says women should also pack essentials in their bags for touching up on the go. These include wet wipes, which will help to remove perspiration and keep you feeling fresh.


10 tips for surviving the festive period

1. Use anti-perspirant deodorant. You do not want to impose your body odour on friends and family when visiting them. Click here to check out some of our deodorant collections.



2. If you are wearing shoes, wear socks as well so that your feet will not smell when you remove your shoes. Make sure your socks are clean and have no holes.



3. Use a make-up primer to ensure your make-up lasts longer. If you have oily skin, doing so will make it look more matte. Click here to check out some of our primer collections.



4. Choose a bright-coloured lipstick to look fresh.Do not just stick to the usual red, but mix it up with bright pink, orange or plum shades.Click here to check out some of our lipstick collections.



5. Carry a facial water spray to freshen up on the go. These sprays hydrate dry skin and help to create a naturally dewy look.



6. Use a sponge instead of a powder puff when applying pressed powder, as this helps to prevent your make-up from looking cakey.



7. Hair becomes limp and greasy after many hours outdoors. Spritz a bit of dry shampoo to keep your tresses looking fresh and clean throughout the day.




This article orgininally appeared on SHAPE.COM. To read more, click HERE.



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