• Two or three times a week after the cleansing process. Apply a medium layer on the face and neck and a fine even layer around the eyes. Leave for 15 minutes and removes with tonic on a cotton pad.

    “Cellular” is the signature collection of Suisse Programme. It is formulated with the patent exclusive biodynamic cellular complex (bcc); triple moisture infusing complex and triple action boosting complex. It effectively infuses skin cell with oxygen and recharges the cells with a significant hydrating effect! Cellular vital mask is specially developed to solve the skin problems such as darkness and lack of elasticity; it helps to adjust the absorption ability and cell regeneration of skin from the fundamental approach so as to improve skin radiance. Product Features: ; improves the absorption and rejuvenation of the skin; eliminates toxins and reduces the sensitivity and redness of skin;  infuses skin cell with oxygen and promote metabolism; reduces and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines;  efficient moisturizing; restore the skin natural luminosity; so that the tired and dull skin looks smoother and revitalized after used.