• Apply a few drops of the product: massage delicately into the bust using circular movements, avoiding the nipples, massage into the decollete with downward movements. EXTERNAL USE ONLY

    Collistar presents the new frontier in dermatological and cosmetic research, for a beautiful bust. Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid: two precious active ingredients used in cosmetic medicine, available in their purest form and in optimum concentrations to guarantee: complete effectiveness, targeted effects, exceptional safety. A few drops a day is all you need for fast, safe, long-lasting results. Collagen, the skin's natural suppor t system, helps: make the bust tissue firmer and more compact, fight loss of skin tone and elasticity, prevent sagging and stretch marks. Hyaluronic acid, the ultimate super-moisturizer, helps keep the bust firm and smooth with three different actions: lifts the surface of the skin (high molecular weight hyaluronic acid), firms the dermal-epidermal junction (medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid), stimulates skin cell metabolism deep-down (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid).