• 1. HIGHLIGHTER: Highlighter powder for use on the higher parts of the face, ideal for a strobing effect. 2. LIGHT CONTOUR: Light, tinted powder for the central areas of the face, ideal for the blending and defining stage of the contouring technique and for correcting areas of shadow without making the complexion look grey. 3. MEDIUM CONTOUR: Medium powder, ideal for adding colour and blending the contouring. 4. DARK CONTOUR: Dark powder, ideal for creating intense contouring. 4 SIMPLE STEPS FOR A FACE THAT ARE SELFIE READY! Once you have produced your make-up base with the usual products, foundation, concealer, face powder, start contouring using powders 2, 3 and 4, and then follow up by strobing with the highlighter powder 1. Next, apply blush to complete your face make-up.