• Apply in morning/evening to the slightly wet face and neck, gently lather the cleaning gel into foam, message in circle movement, and then rinse well with water.

    Edelweiss Collection was developed with different extracts of natural resources in Switzerland, including Edelweiss Essence and thermal water, to give you an stunning skin care experience as if exposure to the zero-polluting plateau, surrounding by fresh, pure environment and take a deep breath. White edelweiss ,as the main ingredient, is rich in tannic acid and flavonoids, provides excellent antioxidant effect, and helps to enhances skin collagen; combined with jasmine, white lily essence, plant peptides and other active ingredients, bring superior moisturizing and calming effect, to restore young and delicate skin! Product Features: The Cleansing Gel's texture is refreshing. It can be easily lather into foam, to remove grease and dirt quickly and make the skin soft and clean like petal. Contains 3 kinds of flower essences (Edelweiss, Jasmine, White Lily), and powerful skin care ingredients such as Sorbitol and vitamin B3 to deeply nourish, calm the skin, lock in moisture and repair the signs of tired and aging. Formulated with jasmine, white lily extract, to release the charming flora scents, let you feeling relax during the skin care process.