• 1 . Break the neck of the vial using the small file included in the box. 2 . Insert the measuring funnel halfway down the vial. 3 . Turn the vial upside down and press the measuring funnel: the fluid will drip into the palm of your hand. 4 . Apply the product to perfectly cleansed face and neck and pat gently. Then continue with make-up. Each vial contains the dose necessary for one application. The box contains a measuring funnel and two files for opening the vials. After use, rinse the measuring funnel and keep it for the next application.

    Perfect for an immediate result of radiance and splendour, ideal before an important evening or when the face looks tired and marked, they are also invaluable for the skin because they are rich in moisturizing and regenerating substances.These marvellous vials relax the features as if by magic, give freshness to the complexion and enhance make-up which lasts longer