• Apply a few drops: massaging on the bust in gentle circular movements, avoiding the nipples on the decollete from beneath mo ving upwards.Ideal at all ages, this product is perfect for those who wish to increase the volume of their bust. In case of an especially sagging bust, it may be supplemented with PURE ACTIVES COLLAGEN + HYALURONIC ACID BUST firming lifting for a synergy of results.Not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    A genuine bust 'reshaper': this brand new Oil-Serum helps replump, sculpt and reshape the decollete area. The effectiveness of this extraordinary pairing of cutting-edge cosmetic technology and precious natural ingredients is due to the combination of an exclusive volumizing complex and a mix of super-specific active ingredients that have a triple effect.Volumizing effect. The powerful action of VoluplusTM, a precious phytocomplex that has a targeted lipo-replumping effect, combined with Hops extract, which has always been used in cosmetic breast treatments due to its high quantity of phytosterols, means it works in a totally natural way, without interfering with the hor monal system. Result: day by day the bust appears firmer, fuller and more voluminous.Firming and reshaping effect. To perfectly reshape the bust, increasing the volume is not enough: you must also firm and strengthen the skin tissue that supports it. Volumizing Oil-Serum contains a select mix of peptides that stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, proteins that the suppleness and compactness of skin depend on. The reshaping effect is boosted by the product's special structure, which - like an invisible cosmetic bra - envelops the skin on the bust. Result: the bust is instantly smoother and more toned, and gradually appears firmer, more compact and reshaped.Hydrating, nourishing effects. The formula contains Vitamin E and Macadamia Oil, packed with Omega 3 and Omega 6, to ensure that the skin's hydrolipidic balance is optimal and to prevent premature skin aging caused by free radicals. Result: the skin is toned, silky, and perfectly nourished and hydrated.