• Mix the product and then massage into damp skin as a delicate scrub or use on dry skin for a greater exfoliating effect. Rinse off under the shower or in the bath. Recommended for use once or more times a week. Suitable for all skin types, the scrubs leave the skin hydrated with no need to apply additional moisturizer after bathing.

    Creator of the first ever Talasso-Scrub, Collistar has formulated this exclusive specialty by combining the benefits of thalassotherapy and aromatherapy with the incredible properties of prized Sardinian Juniper. Much more than just a scrub, it's a multi-purpose treatment which: 1. smooths and regenerates with a blend of sea salts and Sardinian Fleur de Sel 2. tones and eases tiredness thanks to extraordinary extract of Juniper 3. hydrates and nourishes with oils of Mastic, Sesame and Grape Seed 4. boosts energy and wellbeing through a cocktail of ultra-pure natural essential oils evoking the fragrances of the Mediterranean maquis. Leaves skin polished and perfectly hydrated, with no need for additional moisturizer. Suitable for all skin types.