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6 Asian Beauty Secrets to Get Gorgeous Skin

Beauty Tips | 21 Oct 2019



Is there something we’re missing?

We always hear about how Asian celebs have such flawless skin and these days, more and more beauty products are starting to incorporate ingredients that have been traditionally known in Asia to promote beauty – like green tea, for example. There seems to be only one link to all of this: Asian. So we went and dug deeper to find out what other skincare secrets we could be missing out from our Asian peers and let’s just say, it’s time to change your skincare routine because it’s going to be SO worth it!


1. Oil cleansing

When it comes to cleansers, opt for an oil-based one. According to Victoria Tsai, the founder of skincare line Tatcha, cleansing oils work very well because oil dissolves oil; whether it’s makeup, sunscreen or sebum, they literally melt away upon contact. Just be sure to pick one without mineral oil to avoid leaving residue on your skin – or else, hello breakouts!


2. The 424 method 

A lot of Korean celebs practises it and though it may make your bathroom time a lil longer, it’s probably one of the most effective ways to clean your face:

4 minutes of oil cleansing (as mentioned in point 1) to remove makeup

2 minutes using a foaming cleanser to remove any remaining residuals and to refresh the skin.

4 minutes to rinse with water.

The Japanese people also has a similar concept to this way of cleansing and it’s been practised for centuries. They call it double cleansing.


3. Slap it on!

When it comes to applying moisturizer/lotion, the Koreans and Japanese share another similar beauty secret. Instead of rubbing the product, try gently slapping/patting it on. The belief is that it would stimulate blood flow while ensuring the product is better absorbed into the skin. Don’t forget the neck area as well!


4. Rice water toner

Looks like the ancient Chinese women believed in upcycling – well, sort of. When it comes to toning their skin and enhancing their complexion, they used one secret product: rice water.


5. Lighten with mint

Basically, it’s the gentlest and more natural way to lighten dark spots on your skin caused by sun damage (suncare protection, people!) or acne scars. All you have to do is grind fresh mint leaves into a paste and smooth it over your face as a mask. Wash it off after 15 minutes.


6. Coffee bean exfoliation

How did we not know about this? Our neighbours in Indonesia have been using grounded coffee as a powerful natural exfoliant for AGES! The caffeine in coffee is often used in skin tightening products while its caffeic acid has anti-inflammatory properties and can also boost collagen production. Looks like you know what to do with your leftover coffee grounds now.



This article orgininally appeared on FEMALEMAG.COM.MY. To read more, click HERE.



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