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Neogence Y-Series Launching

Latest Events | 14 Nov 2018



Did you know, after the age of 25, our skin metabolism tend to starts to slow down? City girls are more prone to experience fine lines at the corner of the eyes, mouth and cheeks due to the constant expose to pollutions, long-term exposure to computers’ blue light, harsh weather, stress from work and the pace of life.


Nowadays, many will seek for medical and beauty clinic for aesthetic or cosmetic surgery like thread lifting, ultrasound treatments, radio frequency skin lifting or event Botox in order to keep their skin looking youthful. Apart from its high cost, there are potentially side effects that you might not want to experience it; swelling, long-term recovery from surgery or face feature might start to look a bit unnatural/fake.


Why not we ditch all these cosmetic surgery and try the Neogence’s Anti-Wrinkle Range – Y-Series.



Neogence Research and Development team consisting of dermatologists, biomedical doctors and professional pharmacists took a year to create a perfect contour new series “Perfect Firming Renew Cream” for solving skin-aging problems that starts at an early aging among us female at the age of 25. A test was conducted on Perfect Firming Renew Cream by Neogence Skin Testing Center, in just after 2 weeks, 75% of consumers feel their skin firmness is significantly improved. With the VISIDA 3D skin tester, 47% of the wrinkles are effectively reduced. The Neogence Perfect Firming Rener cream do not just fights skin early aging problem, it can reduce the appearance of fine lines, revive skin vitality and most importantly regain skin’s firmness, making your skin feeling firm and smooth in within 2 weeks.



With Neogence’s patented “OSILIFT+SYN®-HYCAN” forms a 3D mesh membrane to stimulates immediate effect, instant pull-up, accelerates the hyaluronic acid production, support the skin collagen fiber, and long-lasting support. It also contains the double peptide formula (DERMICAN™+ MATRIXYL 3000) which can increase the collagen production, reduces wrinkles and moisturizes the skin. With the addition of Vitamin A Palmitate, it revitalizes the skin from inside out, enhances skin vitality and regenerates skin, thus delays the aging process.   


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